Staked Amount is not reflecting immediately


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in TestNet. Two things I noticed would like to report here. I claimed the rewards, and confirmed in wallet as “Successful”.

  1. Claimed tokens are not getting reflected in my balance section immediately on Staking dashboard
  2. Even after the confirming the approval to stake, confirmed that “Approve Success”, Staked balance is not reflecting the amounts immediately.

Suggestion: It would be nice to see the balances reflects immediately after the user’s action is successful.

Stake Address: 0x0d2242a885eeeca57e795dd59a02da115d51dddf
Worker Address: 0x67B9D1D8e49fa6a2E56db52516688d7d74784ddE


when the user stake during the current epoch, the amount will initially be transferred to the pending pool. It automatically transitions to the staking pool as soon as the next epoch begins.

Okay. As a user I get confused since nothing is happening on the Dashboard, but paying gas fees and actions got approved. May be some kind of message to notify the user as what you mentioned below would be helpful. Thoughts…?

Thanks and Regards,